5 Surprising Health Benefits to Getting More Sleep

We have all heard that sleeping well is essential for optimal health, but do we really know what it is to sleep well? A good night’s sleep consists of 4 or 5 sleep cycles. Each cycle includes periods of deep sleep and rapid eye movements (MOR) or desynchronized sleep, when we dream. As the night progresses, the portion of that cycle that is in sleep increases. It turns out that this pattern of cycles and progression is fundamental to sleep biology.

The benefits sleep

While personal needs vary, on average, an adult needs between 7 and 8 hours of sleep per night. Babies usually sleep about 16 hours a day. Young children need about 10 hours of sleep, while teenagers need at least 9 hours. To achieve maximum restorative sleep benefits, it is important to achieve a full night of quality sleep.

Increase creativity

Surely you know that if you sleep well at night, the next day you are more awake and more efficient at work. Quite the opposite happens when you have slept badly or few hours.

A good dream improves memory and concentration, so a person with good sleep habits is the same as saying good student and good employee

Reduce stress

The busy life of big cities is detrimental to our physical and mental health. Therefore, sleeping 7 or 8 hours each night is essential if we want to avoid a good part of daily stress. During sleep, the brain recovers and releases the tensions that our daily responsibilities fulfill for our body.

While we sleep, the blood pressure decreases. This makes us feel fresh when we get up, especially if we have rested at least the minimum time required.

Improve your appearance

Surely, you will have verified that those people who get enough rest the next day look better. Maybe, looking at you in the mirror, you haven’t found dark circles. The skin regains its best appearance; On many occasions, it looks smoother. Hence we can say that few beauty treatments are as effective as sleep.

Lets eat less

In addition to physical exercise, the body needs to rest to lose weight. Not only our kidneys, also the excretory system in general work better while we sleep, which allows us to eliminate toxins.

In contrast, lack of sleep translates into less segregation of the hormone leptin, responsible for regulating appetite. On the contrary, the body secretes more ghrelin, a hormone whose mission is exactly the opposite of leptin. Then, if we get enough sleep, we’ll eat less.

Keeps your Heart Healthy

Blood pressure is markedly reduced when we rest. In addition, sleep serves to cleanse the arteries of fats and sugars. Then, by getting enough sleep, we will be reducing the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

These are just some benefits of a restful sleep, to achieve this it is essential to take into account the quality of the mattress on which you rest.

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